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Time Management tools just got punched out by Actions Hero Smartphone App

5 stars

Actions Hero App smashs the boring out of Time Management.


Time Management

ActionsHero is a brand new mobile app designed to work the way the ADHD brain works best. Helps you manage time and reduces the stress of priorities falling Out of Sight-Out of Mind and coming back to bite you later.



Setting Goals

Actions Hero is designed for anyone who wants a white-hot, wickedly effective, time management system with a kick.

  •  The Power Grid is the heart of ActionsHero with strong visuals that keeps priorities balanced. If you tend to hyper focus on interesting subjects and mundane tasks easily fall off the radar then this app is for you. The Power Grid is broken down to key areas of life to keep balance with all important tasks. Stress and anxiety is reduced when all priorities are kept in check. Connecting tasks to an area of life provides a deeper motivation than just a list of “to do”.  Small steps build big things, but are also easily ignored when not connected to the bigger picture. Answer the question “Why do I care?”
  • Reminders are fantastic, but even better is accountability after the scheduled task time is over. Items no longer fall off the proverbial cliff- if you did not complete the task, then the item will be rescheduled for you.
  • Visual satisfaction of work well done is a key driver and takes center stage with ActionsHero. Focus is on what went well and has been completed.
  • Living in the present is what ADHD is all about. Future benefits for work well done- especially on boring tasks- often fall off the radar in favor of fun and interesting things in the here and now. Assign the boring tasks a more immediate reward and move forward towards the long term goal.
  • Reminders for a list of “to do’s” for a day are not strong enough in face of the distractions of life. Actions Hero reminders cannot overlap and must have a set time and day that they will be accomplished to reduce fall off potential.
  • A timer is a built-in option for all tasks- visual countdown allows you to consciously evaluate progress against available time left scheduled for that item.
  • Long term consistency is the key to achieving goals. ActionsHero will send you a message if you have not accessed the app in a preset number of days.
  • Achieve Mastery levels by successful attainment of goals and provide additional motivation and goal setting. Share your accomplishments easily with social media and get virtual support from friends and family.
  • Daily review and reset are imperative for moving forward. Chances are you are accomplishing more than you are giving yourself credit for.
  • Track your daily review progress in the integrated software and easily share with coaches, Dr’s or any other support professional.


What I see here is the polar opposite of the “ball and chain” of one flavor or the other that I’ve enlisted in over the years to attempt control over the unexpected. If you can get ahead of the swell you have momentum and that means time. This looks quick and simple, yet detailed enough to cover

D. Hill

While medication has been an effective and helpful tool, it is only a tool and more is needed. While children and adults with this disorder struggle with many things, they also tend to be very gifted in other areas. The key for those learning how to cope, I believe, is daily structure and tools designed to help us with this. I have been working with this disorder for some time and have yet to find a truly innovative and interactive tool designed specifically for people with ADHD. Finally interactive tools to be used from the time you wake to the time you go to sleep. Pick up your phone or tablet, at a moment’s notice, and get back on track

K. Gappmeyer

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